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The human body is mainly composed of water. Necessary ingredient to be healthy. Through this function the kidneys in a proper manner excrete waste products, hydrating the intervertebral discs and generally protecting our body from dehydration and all the consequences.


Hydropathy said treatment through water. There are many ways water is used as a therapeutic agent. The body weighs only 10% of the total weight when it is in the water. In the water we can safely exercise the whole body with excellent results, since the water thanks to certain properties is an important instrument for exercise.

1)      The water buoyancy partially suspends the body and allows for more effective transfer of weight during the rehabilitation of orthopedic disorders. We can also increase our buoyancy using means of floatation.

2)      The water because it is denser than air imparts increased resistance to movement, providing effective feedback during isotonic strength training and reduces the speed of motion.

3)      The highest temperature of the water relaxes the body, helps reduce pain and help us better perform exercises.


All the above contribute to the favorable effect of water on our health.

Apart from exercising in water which we have mentioned we can use water in many more ways depending on what you want to achieve. I will  mention a few ways you can enjoy in organized SPA. H This word comes from the Latin ‘sanitas per aqua’ which means health through water.


          Foot baths in special tubs along with massage and selective addition of salts, herbs, ethereal oils.

          whirlpool full body again by selecting from the above components of the seabed or vegetable.

          whirlpools for part of the body or over the body for activating the circulation of blood.

          steam individually in special cabinets or in special rooms. The water heats up and comes to the body in the form of vapor which open the pores cleansing the entire body of dead cells and all the toxins. The body warms, relaxes and comes into harmony. With the addition of specific essential oils, we achieve improved respiratory function, detoxification, relaxation etc.

          Massage in water using soft and dynamic movements over and under water in order to eliminate stress, cause relaxation, wellness and health.



Ydro-gymnastics said exercise in the water. The format of the exercises depends on the person to whom it is addressed, age, population group, objectives, and the teacher. You can do exercises option for beginners and advanced, for specific population groups such as pregnant women, people with musculoskeletal problems with arthritis, postoperative, obesity and more. It can be accompanied by music, combinations of steps for activation of fat and harmonious whole-body workout in a group in a pleasant and fun way!


Swimming– appeals to all ages. The fetus is in a liquid, so it is very intimate environment, babies still have the ability to swim before they walk! It recommended by all experts as the best exercise for the whole body. The earlier you learn a swim starting from childhood, the better for your health. To learn to swim correctly you can participate in learning groups teachers teach physical education / swimming trainers depending on the level at which the swimming is currently. There are t swimming styles: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly.


Now, if someone has not had the opportunity to learn from an early age, it is never too late. You can learn with the right guidance from a specialist to float, to swim properly, to overcome any fears in water and can thus enjoy the pools and the sea bringing immense benefits to the appearance and health regardless of age!


Now in the summer drink plenty of water before even being thirsty and encourage children to do the same. Drink 2.3 liters per day of pure water in small amounts each time, preferably not too icy, it cleans our blood circulating throughout the body.


Swim and rejoice in the pools and the sea as often as you can.

Choose regular exercise in the water to be fit and in perfect health.

And finally, we use the healing properties through special treatments reaping huge benefits for the appearance and our health naturally!



Antigoni Louca

Graduate Physical Education – Physiotherapy