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The epidemic of the 21st century is dyskinesia. The hypomotility in combination with poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle accelerates the biological deterioration. Dysmotility causes premature development of degenerative arthropathy, osteoporosis and expedites the creation of intravascular thrombosis and makes the body vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. Surveys in EU countries 30% of European citizens are sedentary, while for the Greeks the percentage is 40%. Our body is designed as a biological machine to produce chemical energy and converts it into mechanical work and movement. The movement is a fundamental property of life. Organic decay is not limited to muscle tissue, but extends to all physiological functions, biochemical processes, morphological features.

The harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle can be greatly reduced by regular exercise. Exercise is any kind of muscular effort a pre-intensity, duration and frequency, which is part of a long-term program aimed at improving or maintaining strength, physical performance and health.

Robustness It is the dynamic condition of the body characterized by the ability to perform daily activities with vitality and factors that prevent early development due to inactivity diseases.

Exercise has a beneficial effect on all systems, organs and functions of the human body. It serves as a protective factor in many diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, obesity, osteoporosis. Exercise also helps to relieve anxiety, depression and helps improve self-esteem, mood, well-being and quality of life.

Exercise is aimed at all ages. It is never too late for someone to start exercising. Recent research data demonstrated that we need to review the old perception attributed the decrease in operational capacity of the body during aging in biological degeneration. Today we know that the decline of functional capacity is mainly due to sedentary life and kinetic limitation.

Justifiably exercise in a proper manner and with an individual approach is considered by experts to be the best medicine to prevent, avoid and improve the impact of our century epidemic, dyskinesia!

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