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AYURVEDA means in fact ‘knowledge of life’. Its roots reach a depth of at least 5000 years in India. There are many universities in India, as well as in many countries of the world studying Ayurveda and its uses are, for the prevention and treatment of many symptoms of various diseases. It’s also very useful for elimination of anxiety, muscle tension, elimination of toxins and generally to improve the well-being and general health in a natural way!

According to Ayurveda there are three different types of people, 1) BATA  2) Pita 3) Kafa or combinations thereof. To make this distinction needs to be complemented by a questionnaire before and to make an assessment by a specialized therapist. Then, first taking into account the medical history questionnaire, goals and many more suggestions made for individual therapy program.

Some of these treatments will be discussed below:

Abhyanga – Massage Therapy

Special therapeutic massage techniques with the use of special hot oil which is applied throughout the body. Recommended for everyone on a regular basis. It tones the muscles, eliminates the physical and mental stress, moisturizes the body, facilitates movement in the joints, promotes longevity, etc.


Shirodhara – Therapy full body and mind renewal

Very important evaluation, which will help us to use the most suitable oils or other materials used during treatment. Originally applied exfoliate and massage the shoulders and neck, to relieve the muscle tension. The special mixture enters into a special container and during this unusual treatment falls intermittently in the front, approximately between the eyes. The benefits which it offers is incredible. We mention some of them:


Eliminates stress

It helps in problems of the upper respiratory system

Alleviates and helps insomnia, fatigue, stress,

It helps hypertension

Relieves chronic headaches

Banishes negative static electricity gathered in the head

Renews the face, kicks lines formed due to overcurrent

Opens the ‘third eye’, increases intuition and meditation etc.


Marma Massage – Therapeutic method of applying pressure to points Marmi

Marmi means hidden or secret. Are specific points in the body which need to be in harmony, to have good health. In case of a problem some Marmi block. The pressure treatment to MAPM points unblocks points thereby allowing the body to balance and cured.

It is believed that many points therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, Shiatsu, that were born through the knowledge of Marma. Meta-evaluation selected by specialized therapist special oils which are warmed for use during the MAPM treatment.

The benefits of Marmi treatments are many. They can help in various musculoskeletal problems, help insomnia, stress, physical and mental fatigue and more.


Kati Vasti Treatment

Specialized treatment for local back problems especially in painful and stiff joints too.

Special therapeutic oil heated and placed in the areas selected for this treatment, which is updated regularly with amazing results. It can be combined with other Ayurvedic treatments.


Netra Darpan Therapy

Specialized treatment for the eyes and the area around the eyes.

Specific therapeutic mixture was once warmed up to comfortable temperature gradually placed for a few minutes.

Removes dust from his eyes, combats dry eyes, improves vision. It also provides hydration and improves the skin in the delicate area around the eyes.


Indian Head Massage


Very popular is the Indian massage of the head and shoulders.

Use warm therapeutic oil which is massaged with special techniques. Very relaxing treatment, eliminates stress, helps with migraines, headaches, respiratory problems, sinusitis etc.


Ayurvetic Foot Massage

Pressure on specific points with special massage pads corresponding reflexes in various parts and organs of the body. Thus, this therapy can help the entire body.




Potli Massage


Special therapeutic massage using medicinal herbs which are first put in hot oil and then placed onto the whole body or to specific areas, as appropriate.

The result is amazing, the muscles relax, physical and mental stress are relieved. The feeling of slight warmth and relaxation is continued and after treatment.

It is also recommended for joint problems, musculoskeletal disorders, improve blood circulation, elimination of toxins, cellulite reduction, etc.



Body Scrub and Polish with Ayurvedic rice

exfoliating treatment on the whole body with the aim of shedding dead cells. Blood circulation improves, the pores open and the body is now ready to accept the healing properties that offer special Ayurvedic masks. The mask is left on the body for about half an hour and then removed, followed by massage with special therapeutic oils.

Recommended before other treatments to prepare the body. Also, for improving skin texture, hydration, elimination of toxins. It is also used in cellulite slimming programs and gives amazing results.



To be able to offset the negative effects of modern life, it is recommended to turn to natural ways to reduce stress and improve the appearance and our health.

Natural Ayurvedic treatments that have been tested and studied for so many years in faraway India are no longer a secret and privilege of Indians, are now available to us to the masses and we too have their therapeutic benefits!





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