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Theta Healing is one of the most energy efficient methods of treatment which can change our lives immediately. When our brain waves goes into ‘Theta’ we have the ability to change our reality and realize anything we wanted.

Every thought we have is a form of energy that affects our health and happiness and attracts similar thoughts. Every positive thought that we attracts positive energy and vice versa, when selecting only positive thoughts we improve our lives and the lives of those around us!

Scientists have discovered that certain brain frequencies, particularly those belonging to the range between alpha and theta, have the following properties. 1) Promote the long-term and substantial reduction of anxiety. 2) Enable the deep physical relaxation and mental clarity. 3) increase verbal ability and communicative expression. 4) synchronizes the two hemispheres of the brain 5) causes severe, spontaneous mental images and imaginative creative thinking, stimulate the secretion of endorphins, reduce pain and increase fertility. When we are in ‘Theta’ we envision and use our imagination that utilizes the subconscious mind which is responsible for memory and emotions. In ‘Theta’ the chance to realize our dreams rises to 90%

With the help of experts in the ThetaHealing Technique in individual sessions can release negative emotions and beliefs of the subconscious, which block us, so we can enjoy love, joy, health and abundance in all areas of our lives!

Those interested in learning more about the  ThetaHealing Technique and Techniques Meditation can attend regular group meetings and seminars Certified by the International Academy of ThetaHealing, which are taught in Paphos by Antigoni Louca ThetaHealing Master.

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