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Who has not noticed the pleasant change in his mood, when he is happy and has laughed a lot! The beneficial changes in the biochemistry of the whole organism are very big, they are cumulative and they positively affect our physical and mental health!

In 1995, Dr. Mandan Kataria from India, realizing the benefits of laughter, created Laughter Yoga starting with a few people in a park in Mumbai. Dr. Kataria developed a series of laughter exercises, which included role-playing and other techniques while maintaining a childlike mood. Doing Yoga on a regular basis, Dr. Kataria and his wife Manturi incorporated elements of Yoga especially the breaths that are taken between laughter exercises increasing their positive effect. The result of all this was Laughter Yoga: a mixture of breathing, stretching and laughter exercises that cultivate children’s mood. 

 Science has shown that the body does not distinguish between fake and spontaneous laughter, and both cause the same chemistry of happiness. You do not have to have a good sense of humor to laugh.  

Laughter connects people from different cultures, living standards and countries. Laughter Yoga promotes a strong link between people laughing together at heart level, providing social interaction and networking – key components of happiness. The main goal of Laughter Yoga is friendship between people and World Peace!

The techniques that are constantly being developed adapt the elements of aerobic exercise, dance, exercises, games, awaken the children’s mood and promote the emotional flow and release. 

Laughter Yoga offers many benefits to our health: Reduces the effects of stress, Releases endorphins ‘hormones of happiness’, Strengthens the immune system, Provides excellent oxygenation of the body, Increases blood circulation, Activates neurons Contact with the team, Improves sociability, Releases blocked negative emotions, Contributes to anti-aging and much more.

Laughter Yoga is aimed at all ages, levels, physical condition and can be customized as needed. It is recommended to be done on a regular basis in an organized group. It would also be very useful to attend experiential workshops to learn basic exercises in the right way, so that one can apply it on a daily basis, as well as Certified training for Laughter Coordinators.

Young children laugh about 400 times a day as opposed to adults who laugh an average of only 15 times a day and maybe sometimes less! Nowadays it is absolutely necessary to find ways to take care of our health, well-being and physical condition in natural ways. Laughing Yoga is an alternative way of exercising that improves physical and mental health in the most fun way and has conquered the world!



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