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Children are much more than the thumbnail of an adult. They have their own peculiarities as a growing entity both physically and mentally. Nowadays with modern lifestyle, especially children living in cities, they, are not able to play freely in the yards and fields as before. Most parents work long hours both have greatly increased the cars and also it is no longer safe for children to wander unsupervised. School work as there are many lessons taken up all the ‘free’ time of children, the excessive use of television and computer, effect physical fitness and physical and mental health.

The solution to all this is definitely integrating regular daily exercise into children’s lives. Choosing sports they like after giving them the opportunity to experiment and choose, you will do with pleasure and you will have many benefits in their lives directly and indirectly later on as adults.

Below I will mention just a few types of exercise recommended in the various stages of childhood:


Swimming is essential for all children, starting from a very early age. It is no accident that an infant have the ability to swim before they are even able to walk! At the age of 4 years old a child is able to participate in a group and execute instructions in the form of playful learning fundamentals of swimming, such as flotation, breaths, footwork etc. Growing he/she gradually learns many more techniques of different swimming styles and more. Swimming is recommended by all experts as the best sport which simultaneously trains and harmoniously throughout the body without burdening the joints and musculoskeletal system of children. It helps good posture, preventing spine disease (kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis). It improves strength, endurance and strengthens the immune system of children in the best way! As we live on an island, it is necessary for all children and adults to know how to swim properly and as such enjoy the sea safely.


Wide range of activities Sports, Music and Education, Mobility fun toys for children from 3 years, to improve coordination and motor skills in general. It offers many physical and mental benefits and prepares children in the best way for their subsequent athletic course.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Aimed at girls from 4 years, offers exercise with emphasis on rhythm using instruments such as balls, skipping ropes, ribbons, pins. Develops Flexibility in the best way, Coordination of movements etc. It is an Olympic sport and gives the opportunity to many girls who want to go into the competitive part of the sport.



There are many kinds of martial arts, indicatively I will mention the TAE-KWONDO. The TAE-KWONDO started in Japan and is an Olympic sport. In what may be the first sport which involved young children of both sexes and adults. Taught self-defense techniques and various techniques of the sport. The trainees have a chance at testing and advancing levels by obtaining different belts and participate in national and international competitions. This sport strengthens the body teaches  discipline – self-control, helps to improve self-confidence and self-image of children.





There are many types of dance that could interest children of all ages to get involved. Children usually learn much more easily than adults, so they can enjoy and have fun with dance for the rest of their lives. I am going to mention some forms of dance from which they could choose:

Classic Ballet, Creative Dance, etc.


There are plenty of sports and lessons by experts who could take care of children starting at a young age. Giving them the opportunity to put these activities in their lives regularly, they are offered the best gift to improve their physical fitness, immunity of the body, physical and mental health, stress relief, develop many skills and many other benefits in life the general!


Antigoni Louca

Graduate Physical Education – Physiotherapy