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Dear friends hello! Our subject in this issue is the art of achieving health and wellness. All experts on health and wellness issues now agree that the health status of each person in the highest percentage depends on the person and life itself.

Knowing the different factors of well-being can help the individual to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Health (including Wellness) is something desired by most people. The journal American Journal of Health Promotion defines health promotion as the “science and art in assistance to people to change their lifestyle and to approach optimal health condition.”

The adoption of a new way of thinking can help the person succeed Health, Wellness and robustness.

The determination of whether a person is healthy, robust or well-being is often subjective. There is a tendency to make comparisons with others. The attempt to achieve a body fat percentage of a model, it is for most a non-realistic and healthy goal. The wait for someone to perform like a professional athlete is something most cannot achieve.

The introduction of personal goals that are realistic is the basis for the success and effectiveness of the program to be followed. The new way of thinking, simply allows a person to be successful, according to their own terms and not make comparisons with others. It is better to emphasize the process of acquiring healthy habits such as regular exercise and healthy diet despite the fast results.

Lifestyle changes and expert assistance.

The support of friends and family can be very important in helping the individual to achieve positive changes in lifestyle. The expert assistance in matters of Exercise and Nutrition is the basis for most correct, scientific and personalized approach to the whole effort. If there are health problems, it is always necessary consult a physician before starting any exercise program.

The commitment to a healthy lifestyle is essential to increase the quality and duration of healthy life.

Lifestyle and habits are under the control of each individual. If the person makes positive changes, he/she will reap many benefits for fitness and health. Regular participation in physical activity is associated with reduction of disease risk. Regular physical activity is a positive addiction. Regular exercise can be fun and even improve the quality of life. The health status of each person directly depends in most cases lifestyle. the positive change it therefore appears necessary habits, diet and physical activity if we want to reduce your stress levels, you need to improve the appearance and our health in general!