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Dear friends, we are pleased to welcome the autumn season! We will be with you for new interesting topics with more emphasis around the field of exercise, physical therapy for physical, mental health and wellness.

The summer holidays have been over for some time. Perhaps they have left their remnants – maybe some extra kilograms?

This article will refer to various activities that are good to add in our program if we want to have a nice body perfectly fit for our weight, which bustles with health and energy.

The options offered are many – we will refer more to the solutions offered in organized sports areas.

Nowadays exercise centers offer a great variety of programs that can meet the needs of persons with different levels, age, particularities, preferences and goals.

Then we will refer to various options that can have someone in organized health and fitness centers.




1) Individual program of graduate physical education in the gym.

The hours are free, so it offers many advantages.

The time that is required according to the needs of each athlete individually.

The program changes as the athlete improves his physical condition.


2) exercising equipment with personal trainer (Personal Training)

Personal monitoring individual or in small groups for continuous control and supervision.

The time is proportional to the needs of the time according to the preferences of athletes.

Certainly, results in more short time, incentives, full attention and continuous guidance.

Very wide variety of choice exercise species

– Program gym (Used for aerobic exercise machines e.g. treadmill, elliptical, etc. bicycle) and resistance machines for different muscle groups.

– Vibration Platform with staff and program supervision.

– Special exercises in a heated pool.

– Program in Pilates equipment (e.g. Pilates Reformer) with a special trainer.

– Program with special alternative exercise methods (Various kinds Yoga Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Pilates).




Programs with a focus on aerobic activity for fat burning


1) Aerobics – aerobics with accompanying music

It started many years ago, but nowadays has changed and has to offer many options in different styles and intensity.

To mention a few examples:

Aero – Tone (aerobics exercises alternating with muscle strengthening exercises).

-Zumba Fitness (Hip-hop, Latin, Afro, Disco are some of the rhythms that can be selected and music that stirs!

– Aerobic Programs influenced by the Martial Arts (Karate, Box, Kung-Fu etc.)

Very popular is the Fight- Do with music that energize and with pleasure you burn 700 calories!


Aqua Aerobics for water lovers. Very high calorie consumption due to the resistance offered by the water. Very pleasant, recommended for all ages, levels of fitness. Due to the buoyancy body weighs only 10% of its weight, it makes it the ideal exercise even for obese, pregnant women, people with musculoskeletal and other problems.


Cyclic training

Depending on the imagination of the instructor there can be many combinations and variations of aerobic exercise with strength training.

Quick results, short time required.

– Resistors Programs

Power(Program using bar that makes scientifically fit body in a very short time!)

TRX (Very wide variety of exercises using suspension belts).


Alternative Exercise Methods:

Pilates (great variety of exercises on a mat, using equipment such as toning balls, fit balls).

Yoga (Many items for different levels aimed at everyone to improve physical fitness, stress elimination, peace and longevity).

Laughter Yoga (The most fun exercise method in the world!)

Yogalates (A combination of the two previous methods)


These were some of the most popular options that one can participate in an organized exercise. As you have found there are many types on programs and appeal to different tastes. So, try different programs and select the ones you like and suit you best. Adding regular exercise in your life you has many benefits to physical and mainly your mental health!

Go on, this fall workout and treat yourself to the most precious gifts HEALTH AND WELLNESS!


Antigoni Louca

Graduate Physical Education – Physiotherapy